Bring core processes together under a single platform

Streamline and automate processes, creating a leaner, more accurate and efficient operation

Provide better reporting and decision making

Give real time visibility into crucial business processes

Improve end user experience and confidence

Improve security and accessibility


What does DASH provide that IRIS does not?

Modern cloud-based resource systems give organizations a competitive edge by enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs to operate, ensuring accountability, opening transparency and improving customer service. At its core, it allows the organization to be more agile and dynamic.


Why now?

  • End of Life. SAP has announced a maintenance strategy to terminate support for the current platform and UT must move to a new operating platform.
  • Prerequisites. A solid modern comprehensive finance and HR system is a necessary building block for a student system of the same caliber.
  • Cost Avoidance. IRIS, the current legacy system, is running on old hardware that will require a multi-million-dollar investment if not replaced by a modern cloud system.
  • Thwarting Progress. The nearly 20-year-old system hampers the ability to streamline and automate processes because the changes required are not supported in the current platform.


Bottom Line – Best Practices and Change

Modern resource systems incorporate best practices through the vendor’s learned experience and development of best practices from implementations at other universities and across other industries. Use of built-in best practices reduced risk by 71% compared to other ERP software implementations industry wide. Additionally, use of best practices eases compliance with rules, regulations and industry standards.