These principles serve as the foundation for decision-making in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Program henceforth known as Dynamic Administrative Systems for Higher Ed (DASH) and will guide program team members as they partner with the University community to achieve the program’s goals and objectives.

Governance, Transparency and Inclusion: The DASH Program will be led by the UT System Administration Executive Sponsor and Executive Steering Committee who will work closely with all stakeholders throughout the University and the Program team. The DASH Program is committed to broad system-wide collaboration and transparent decision-making. The Program team will communicate frequently and fully to ensure accurate information and data are shared with the wider UT community and will seek input and feedback throughout.

Simplification and Standardization: DASH will simplify operations and processes while ensuring the processes meet user needs. Processes will be redesigned based on higher education best practices and DASH functionality. Standardization of processes and data definitions across the UT System will maximize the opportunity for collaboration, facilitating the One UT culture.

Measurable improvements: Improvements to transformed business processes will be measured by qualitative or quantitative standards as appropriate—for example, by the number of approvals eliminated or by stakeholders’ judgment that reports contain more useful data.

Integrating Technology: UT System will adopt a culture of continuous improvement through technology. Rather than configuring software to current operations, the way we work will change as we adopt new functionality. Increased operational efficiency will be achieved while maintaining compliance with State laws and UT policies. The University will first use the DASH platform functionality to its fullest extent before considering additional software packages or alternative business processes.