Implementation of DASH


The University of Tennessee is partnering with Oracle (ERP platform provider) and Accenture (system integrator) as the UT System moves forward with the implementation of DASH. Months of work have already occurred on the DASH Project by statewide resources and we are excited to have started the implementation process . We are planning for a big bang go-live of finance, human resources, and payroll in January 2025. DASH Project phases include:

  • Design – workshops and project tools established to verify design, adjustments to scope made as required, and project tools established
  • Adopt and Adapt – designing and building test systems and planning for deployment readiness
  • Validate/Technical Readiness – testing and validation of mock data conversions, processes and payroll, integrations and reports to ensure a solution that contains high-quality data that works as designed.
  • Change Readiness – organizationally prepared through development and testing of training materials to assist with user adoption, productivity, morale, and confidence for end users.
  • Deploy – prepare production environment, data conversions, and business readiness to move operations from IRIS to DASH.