Dash Project Timeline

Phase I: Planning & Preparation (Jan. 2021 – July 2022)

  • Feb. – March 2021: Business Process Reimagine and Redesign RFP Solicitation
  • April – Aug. 2021: Formal Business Process Reimagine Workshops
  • Sept. 2021 – Jan. 2022: ERP Product Solicitation, Evaluation and Contracting
  • Jan. – April 2022: ERP Product Implementer Solicitation, Evaluation and Contracting

Phase II: Implementation (July 2022 – Sept. 2024)

  • Jan. 2022 – July 2024: Data and Analytics Strategy and Implementation
  • July – Nov. 2024: Go Live and After Care

Note: Implementation timelines are tentative. Dates are subject to change during implementation planning with vendors.

Planning and preparation continue on the DASH (Dynamic Administrative Systems for Higher Ed) project, which will include business functions currently handled by IRIS—finance, human resources and payroll—and can be expanded beyond, if required. It will replace IRIS during the summer of 2024.


Business Process Reimagine Workshops

Develop one set of standardized processes by which the UT System operates and guides the overall implementation. These efforts will focus on improving service delivery to students, staff, faculty, alumni and other constituents by:

  • Identifying opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce redundancy.
  • Informing the new DASH solution implementation with best practices.
  • Ensuring the new DASH system will be used effectively.
  • Positioning the UT System to address the demands of and aid in removing administrative barriers.